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Welcome to The UnderBelly Podcast hosted by former NFL quarterback Jamie Martin and mustache pioneer Dr. Aaron Perlut offering uniquely unique insights, underwhelmingly underwhelming interviews, remarkably unremarkable speculation, pop-culture reports from Pop-Queen Jamie Pesek, and irrelevant relevance into the worlds of sports and entertainment.

Nov 12, 2018

Is your kiss on my list? Who cares? Oh wait! John Oates of legendary music duo Hall & Oates might care. So it's a good thing the Rock & Roll hall-of-famer visits The UnderBelly Sports Podcast for Episode 5 when we also lay down smooth grooves on the NFL rookie QB report card, the debacle that is Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, the top 10 NBA players currently in the league today, Pop Queen Jamie Pesek brings some femininity to our cauldron of toxic masculinity in discussing Gabrielle Union, Dwayne Wade, babies and Michelle Obama, and the baddest name in sports today - Rocky Lombardi - along with much, much more in a jam-packed show.