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Welcome to The UnderBelly Podcast hosted by former NFL quarterback Jamie Martin and mustache pioneer Dr. Aaron Perlut offering uniquely unique insights, underwhelmingly underwhelming interviews, remarkably unremarkable speculation, pop-culture reports from Pop-Queen Jamie Pesek, and irrelevant relevance into the worlds of sports and entertainment.

Dec 5, 2018

Does a 22 or 23-year-old man who makes a mistake deserve a to have a job or be banished from their desired profession? In the wake of the Washington Redskins signing of Reuben Foster after his arrest for domestic violence and the Kansas City Chiefs dispatching of Kareem Hunt when video surfaced of him physically assaulting a young woman - all while Colin Kaepernick cannot get a job for kneeling in support of his beliefs - we discuss this hot topic. Jamie and Dr. Aaron also talk to the man behind the most accurate quarterback in NFL history - New Orleans Saints QB coach Joe Lombardi, get a visit from legendary hoops coach Murray Ross for his "You Gotta Be Nasty" segment, a pop culture lesson on influencers from Jamie Pesek, fair weather fans, dog show coverage and more in a lively show taped in front of a live, all-nude studio audience.